High Quality Crate Engines For Sale

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LS3 Crate Engines

Take your Corvette, Pontiac G8 or Camaro SS to the limits with a crate LS3 GM performance engine. The LS3 does not claim 430 horsepower but it gives it. The high red line limit allows you to push acceleration to its peak without damaging the engine. Our LS3 crate engines are brand new and custom…

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Ford Crate Engines for Sale

Crate Ford engines are a lot of fun. These motors are completely drop in ready. Add your favorite accessories and you can turn the key in your ignition for the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard. You have an engine problem and we have the solution. We know you’ve already searched Google for what seems like…

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Chevrolet Crate Engines

You do not have to try and explain the hum and roar of a Chevy engine to a current GM-Chevy car owner. If you have not yet experienced what it is like to own a Chevy engine, we will introduce you to how easy it is to buy one for your car or truck. Our…

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Mustang Crate Engine

The popularity of the Ford Falcon planted the seed of innovation that put Ford on the muscle car map. Times were changing fast in the early 1960s and family automobiles were being shoved aside for the emerging teenage population created after Word War II. The year was 1964 and Ford had already been in production…

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GM Crate Engines for Sale

The name General Motors is one of the few names in the automotive industry that has earned its reputation for quality. No gimmicks, concept cars or one-off vehicles are produced by general motors unlike other manufacturers. The first appearance at the New York Auto Show in 1900 kicked off the trend that General Motors has…

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New Crate Dodge Dakota Engines for Sale Cost Less

Before truck mania hit America back in the 1980s trucks were big and hard to handle, especially for consumers who wanted to drive them everyday. New truckies wanted a small nimble truck that could handle big jobs, but had the comfort of a car so auto manufacturers put their thinking caps on and came up…

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Crate Silverado Engines for Sale Ready to Ship

The story of Billy Durant and Louis Chevrolet’s quest to regain control of General Motors began in 1911. Durant was the former president of GM, but was ousted because the management of GM thought he was not capable of running a company the size of GM. Many years later, the car company is proud to…

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