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Chrysler 3.7L EKG Crate Engines

Chrysler 3.7L EKG engine is a single overhead cam engine that was built in the USA. This engine has much of the Jeep technology that was used in the early 1990s. Chrysler constructed the EKG engine in 2002 and put it inside of some of its flagship vehicles. The 3.7L PowerTech engine as it is…

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Chrysler PT Cruiser Crate Engine

Chrysler PT Cruiser was one of the most successful concept cars built in the last decade. The public demand for the PT Cruiser was overwhelming and many dealerships sold out of vehicles fast. One of the strengths of this vehicle was its tested 2.4L engine. This was the same motor that was used in the…

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Chrysler Minivan Crate Engines

Chrysler minivan owners are not surprised to learn just how in-demand these engines are by non-owners. The 3.3L engine is one of the last push rod styles. It was created by Chrysler in 1990 and was quickly put into the minivans that were produced. The Dodge Dynasty also received one of the first installments of…

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Mopar Crate Engines for Sale

Genuine Mopar performance parts are used to build every single crate engine we have in stock. Our engine mechanics work very hard to make sure that Chrysler power is not reduced or altered in any way, shape or form during the building process. We have top of the line Mopar crate engines for sale at…

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Crate Engines for Sale Chrysler 300 2.7L

The Chrysler 300 looks like a sleek, luxury cruiser an FBI agent might pull up to a crime scene in. It certainly has all the features one would want in a luxury car at an affordable price. But you can bet an FBI agents Model 300 would not have a 2.7 liter V6 engine in…

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Crate Chrysler Sebring Engines for Sale, Low Price Guarantee

When Chrysler introduced the Sebring in 1995 they knew they had hit metal pay dirt. But, it took the company a little time to get their act together so dealerships could use the right kind of sales tactics to motivate buyers. Offering Crate Chrysler Sebring Engines for Sale, Low Price Guaranteed. Call now. The 1995…

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Precision Remanufactured Crate Engine for Sale

Twenty some years ago, the idea of buying a completely assembled rebuilt engine to drop into your car or rod was not even a consideration. Pre-built engine assemblies were primarily for replacing a cooked motor in your car or truck, and were pretty much limited to factory specs. If you wanted a more powerful¬† motor,…

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Chrysler Mopar Crate Engines Deliver

Mopar or better known as Chrysler Corporation has always stayed in the running for some of the most powerful and fastest engines ever. Their legendary Hemi engine design #2 of the ’60’s was invented in 1964, and then reinvented in 2003 as a modern high tech engine using full computerization along with pure fuel injection.…

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