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GMC CK Pickup 5.7L Crate Engines

GMC C/K pickups were first created in 1960. These in-demand trucks had huge V8 engines and were designed for heavy-duty work. As more emphasis was put on engine downgrades, GM took its famous 350 engine and modified it for the CK truck series. 1967 was the first year that the 5.7L 350 engine was used.…

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GMC 1500 Crate Engines for Sale

GMC Sierra is a light duty pickup truck that accepts the 1500 crate engine. The Vortec 4300 configuration is widely popular as a crate engine. The V6 is small enough to where it can be fitted inside of any project hotrod or just used as a strict pickup truck replacement. The 4.3L displacement ensures that…

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